Buscapé Black Friday Live
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Buscapé is the largest website and app to compare prices of products and services in Latin America. The
target audience was all consumers, all genders, ABC classes, 18+, connected to the internet. The strategic
objective was to go further than price comparison in the most relevant sales date of the year: increase the
reach to all consumers, obtain a remarkable number of sales and prove that Buscape's Black Friday has
really true offers.

The strategy was split into phases, based on the consumer journey. 1) Based on social data intelligence
analysis we identified 3 most wanted product categories in Buscap? during past BFs. With the support of
digital influencers with strong adherence to the selected segments we created a Pre-BF promo with a lottery of the influencer selected products, with the objective of raffle participation by registration. 2) We planned 8 TV films and FB videoAds to introduce the famous Brazilian humorist Oscar Filho as the host of BF Live, exploring all the features that guarantee a real offer to all consumers, without any loss with fraud. 3) To revolutionize the market we created the action with an unprecedented model of live transmission via FBLive (a novelty on that moment), direct from the HQ of Buscap?. 4) During the last hour of the Live, the Presenter announced the BFExtended, which lasted all weekend.