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The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has a monopoly on direct mail, delivering 80+ billion pieces last year. Yet,
marketing mail volume has declined steadily since 2007. It was time for USPS to advertise the idea of direct
mail to advertisers, and rekindle the love of DM.

Our strategic exercise began with a look at marketing mediums. Digital marketing is pervasive, and with the
targeting capabilities of social media and the ubiquity of mobile, it's easy to understand why marketers today
are spending more and more of their budgets in those mediums, despite growing concerns around ad
blockers, email filters and banner fatigue. We also considered how marketers approach their channel
planning, specifically knowledge of and execution of omni-channel marketing plans. In this regard, we found
that many marketers often overlooked DM as a tactic due to unfamiliarity and/or negative perception.